I remember the period when everyone scolded Olymp Trade for not having MT4. But this is not a company that simply turns a blind eye to the negative reviews. The team is very actively working on project development. And now Olymp has presented its MT4 integration. Moreover, recently it has also introduced several types of accounts for this platform. Including the ECN with minimum spreads. Now it is not just a broker for beginners with an easy to understand platform. Although the platform did not go anywhere. Moreover, it is continually being updated and improved. Now it is a company with a full range of services for any level of traders. I have already managed to switch to MT4. The platform is fast, the order execution speed is high. I enjoy the fact that there are many tools for technical analysis. It's also cool that you can add your own indicators and Expert Advisors. This was important for me, as I prefer the ATR indicator. A simple window shows how many points an asset has passed and how many points it passes on average per day. This is useful information when you decide to open a trade and calculate Take Profit.