Greter Tumbraun

When I was still looking at this company, I was constantly studying Fondex reviews, because I wanted to find a catch here, because to me everything looked good enough, and it is suspicious, isn’t it? I am joking, of course. But actually I can note that this company is more focused on professional trailers and it will be quite difficult for a beginner with small capital. This is normal, because in general, a beginner trader needs to get used to the fact that this is a rather complicated area, and here you always need to learn and follow the events on the market to make your work bring you money and pleasure. Beginners ofen choose binaries for this reason. Oh god, please don’t do that! That’s a waste of time and money! Speaking of some particularly important things that are presented at Fondex, I also have a few points that I can highlight. In particular, this is that there is protection against negative balance – this is a certain guarantee of safety. And trades here are executed instantly according to my obesrvatins which also has a positive impact on the quality of trading.