Hantec market is a scam broker, it’s a broker you should never consider when trying to decide which broker to use.

I registered with hantec market in Oct 2020, I traded 5 standard lots and they emailed to notify me that I have won a 25,000 naira gift, this is 2021 and the gift card have not been sent to me. Hantec market rep started playing games with me, they will tell me someone is gone to the park to send it, the next time it will be the dispatcher missed the way and could not locate the park and the card was returned back to the office. From Nov. 2020 to this July 2021, Hantec market have been not been able to redeem a common 25000 naira gift card. It means they are broke.

Secondly, few days after sending me the mail that I have won the gift card, hantec market logged me out of their server while I was trading, the trade was going against me, I could not close the trade, every other broker in my MT4 was working well except for hantec matket that froze, it lasted for more than 3 hours, after more than 3 hours, hantec market debited all the money from my trading account, closed all my opened positions at the same time but at different prices. For example, trades were closed at like 17.05 at different prices, the question is, is it possible to have more than one price in the market at the same time? It’s practically not possible anywhere except in hantec market. Use hantec market and loose your hard earned money like me.