Daan K

At first they make it look like a good oppertunity to go for the bonus deals. But when you’ve excepted the bonus deals you are limited to some very bad and shady rules: 1: Stoploss can’t be placed thight to the positions. 2: Orders sometimes can’t be executed when the market doesn’t move, this makes your position stuck. 3: When accepting the bonus deals you can’t withdraw your profit. You can only withdraw twice the amount you have deposited. AND if you have deposited lets say 100 dollars you can only withdraw 100 dollars of profit whenever you traded 100 lots aswell. Because of this rule it is practically impossible to withdraw profits. 4: Take profits cant be placed close to the current price 5: They keep falling back to their saying: “It’s in the agreement you agree with when accepting the bonus”. But this list with conditions is pretty big and a lot to read when you want to create the account. Tiny letters politics I call this…. 6: Spreads are awfull, you are not able to make quick trades. I might had more bad things to say about superforex, but I can’t remember them right now. Ill update them below if I rememberd some. #######!I JUST WANT TO WARN YOU!####### The spreads are awfull, you cant withdraw profits like it should, stoplosses and take profits are worthless because of the minimum distance with the current price and the orders cant be executed for like 3-5minutes. I hope everyone will listen to this awfull experiance with Superforex. Don’t make the same mistakes I made.