Choose Joy


The channel on Telegram OCTAFX BROKER run by a Person named Frederick Louis is a great Scam. The person offers bitcoin trading where within 24 hours you can earn 10 times your invested funds e.g. $200 gives $2000. The representative claims that he has a Bot that manipulates forex signal that gives profits. In reality he is manipulating people . The system works like this: you deposit for example $200 using bitcoin, you get a video in response as the company supposedly trades what you invested. After a few hours you get an email saying that you have $2000 to withdraw, but in order to receive it you have to pay the company $600 in commissions. This method is great for the naive because when you make the payment, the manager Frederick Louis will tell you that unfortunately his company has not received the money even though your transaction has over 300 confirmations. Then he tells you that you have to make another deposit. I am writing this to warn others