C Goldsmith

Evolution Brokers is a SCAM company. I have been trading with them for 5 months and all was going okay until I got to the end of month 4, then there was no communication. Before I realised I could not do a charge back with my bank because I had gone past the claim period. I have been completely shut out of the company, blocked on Skype and no one in the company is allowed to speak to me. I have tried every avenue to get assistance and sent several Tickets marked URGENT but nothing. I have a pending withdrawal in and hold very little hope of getting any funds back. I also have a PAMM account with the company which has 2 months still to run, however, I have no access to how this is doing and hope is fading fast on any retrieval. The senior Account Manager is called Dr. Christopher Luciano, he overseas everything and everyone. I do not recommend anyone to trade in this company and if I can reach out and stop new traders joining who believe this company is good, because I have first hand knowledge they are not good… they steal by stealth! Please publish this because it is the truth and people should know what is happening.