Bakidin Maulana

Well, when I was reading Fondex reviews, I was wondered why people are focusing on such unimportant things like regulations, spreads or copy-trading.
I hope you would understand me the right way. I don’t mean these things are unimportant at all, nah. Of course they’re. I just mean that I’m reading all these reviews looking like ‘good brokerage, it’s regulated’ with the real duck face. People, are you serious??
EACH, I mean, EACH WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS good company is REGULATED. And it would offer you a nice service. That’s not only about Fondex, that’s about ANY good company that claims to have a future in the industry.
So why you should choose Fondex?
I have an answer. Because of transparency. All brokers are promising spreads ‘Starting from 0/1/2 pips’ or ‘Average spread would be X pips’. But you would never understand the truth until you try trading. Fondex is much more fair in this regard, it provides full trades execution transparency. You can check out not only spreads in current time, but also look back to check how spreads were changing over time.
That’s important for beginners like me, as I already have portfolio, so all I need is just check spreads for my assets and then decide whether I want to invest my money or no.
That’s much more convenient than invest first and then find out that spread for your assets are too high.
And I’m sad people aren’t even noticing such features and keep talking that ‘company is CySEC regulated’. Wow! Yes, it should be and it is. But that’s not an advantage, that’s MANDATORY!
Just look deeper.